The Subaru Ascent is the largest SUV in the company's lineup. It's a great option for Redondo Beach customers interested in getting something that's spacious, modern, and capable. Many trims are available at Subaru Santa Monica, including the new Onyx Edition Limited. It's similar to the Onyx Edition trim, which was offered as part of the 2022 lineup, but it takes things to the next level in many ways.

The Onyx Edition Limited should please many Burbank customers with its high-end amenities. It's one of the two Ascent trims that come standard with integrated navigation. You'll always know where you are, what turn to take next, and what traffic conditions in Torrance, CA, may like.

The Onyx Edition Limited also features a premium audio system with 14 speakers and a 792-watt-equivalent amplifier to boost the sound quality. Like the others, this trim has a large 11.6 touchscreen that's very user-friendly.

When the Ascent is loaded up with passengers, there will likely be multiple mobile devices in the cabin. Everyone will appreciate having multiple USB ports available. The Onyx Edition Limited is fortunate to have charging ports in all three of its rows.

To keep you safe as you travel around West Hollywood, Subaru has equipped the Ascent with advanced driver-assist systems. The standard safety package is quite comprehensive, and the Onyx Edition Limited has even more features. First of all, it has a surround-view monitor, and it also offers a distraction mitigation system.

Subaru has set up the Onyx Edition Limited with many details that can be appreciated on rides around Santa Monica. It has a memory system for the driver's seat, an auto-dimming mirror, and an in-vehicle intercom system called Cabin Connect. Further, it has water-repellent upholstery and heated first- and second-row seats.

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