Should You Buy or Should You Lease at Subaru Santa Monica?

For first-time car-buyers and financially cautious shoppers, it's tough deciding whether to lease or finance a vehicle from our Subaru dealership in Santa Monica, CA. That's why we decided to help take the mystery out of the equation and make it easier for you to make the right decision.

If expenses are low right now or you're thinking more about getting around town in the short-term, then leasing may be right for you. When you lease, you gain access to a car for a set period. You pay less money down and have lower monthly payments to make, so you can inexpensively get the vehicle you need now and start taking care of your responsibilities. There's also a convenience factor: you don't have to worry about much maintenance thanks to the ample warranty coverage, and there's never any negative equity to worry about if you have to rethink the lease. When your vehicle's lease term is over, though, you must either return it to our dealership and move on, hold onto the vehicle you've gotten used to by extending your lease or paying to own it, or decide on a different model to lease for a new term. At the same time, because you're returning the car eventually, you can't custom modify it to your liking, give it to anyone else or sell it for cash in a pinch.

If you want a car that's totally your property, consider financing your purchase. This simply means you're taking out a loan and stretching out your payment over a specific number of months, making that 4- or 5-digit price tag much easier to swallow. You pay a higher down payment and monthly payment than you would when leasing, but you get to offset the normal price when you trade in your current vehicle or use dealer incentives. At the same time, you're paying for full rights to your vehicle. Once you've cleared the loan, the vehicle becomes your personal asset. It's yours to drive for the rest of its life, hand down to your kids or grandkids, trick out with custom designs or sell to a third-party.

For more about financing vs leasing, visit or call Subaru Santa Monica today!